Red legged partridge hunting

spanish gastronomy

The red partridge, queen of the Spanish gastronomy:

The red partridge is not only one of the most appreciated prey among hunters, but it is also a very appreciated piece among Spanish gastronomy lovers. Therefore, the month of October is not only a special date for hunting lovers, but also for anyone who wishes to enjoy this culinary delicacy, so popular in our

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breeding year

Good breeding year for the red partridge.

Taking into account the experts’ opinion, this is a good breeding year for the red partridge. There are many factors that can affect red-legged partridge rearing, but this year all the positive factors have come together to result in a breeding year with good expectations for the hunting season. There are several factors that can

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Hunting, traditional Spanish sport.

Year after year, the number of hunting sports fans increases and this discipline, behind fishing, has become the most popular outdoor sport in Spain. The Spanish authorities confirm an increase in the issuance of licenses in recent years, which could be interpreted as an increase of the interest in this sport. One of the most

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Driven Hunt

Driven hunt: Do you know what it is?

Driven hunt is a very popular small game style in Spain, where the partridge breed for excellence is the red partridge. At El Crespo, we are experts in driven hunting and for this reason we would like to explain to you what this type of hunting consists of. Driven Hunt Roles First of all, we

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culture trip

El Crespo, more than hunting: a culture trip

A visit to El Crespo is not only a hunting trip, but also a culture trip. El Crespo is located in Fuenllana, a small village in the southeast of Ciudad Real, in the autonomous community of Castilla la Mancha. Near Fuenllana we can find two villages with a special charm: Villanueva de los Infantes and

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Fechas de tiro de la perdiz roja

Red partridge shooting season

Shortly before the red partridge shooting season takes place, we are going to provide you some useful information about the hunting season: According to the information provided by the government of Castilla-La Mancha, the red partridge shooting season will begin at the end of January, exactly on the 28th. Therefore, there is just one month

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Safety tips in the red-legged partridge driven hunt

If you want to practice the red-legged partridge driven hunt, you will know that there are some inherent risks in the activity. If you don’t have much experience in hunting, there are some safety tips you must keep in mind. Understanding these risks can help prevent future accidents. How to avoid accidents Pay attention of

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fin de semana único

Hunting season 2017/2018: El Crespo

From October to December we will be able to enjoy the hunting season in El Crespo. You can come to our house and enjoy hunting in a unique and exclusive environment. Hunting season in Spain One more year, in El Crespo we are ready for the new hunting season. We are one of the referents

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hunting in spain

Planning your trip for hunting in Spain

Practice hunting in Spain is such a great privilege. We are blessed with a huge variety of mountains and forests, a pleasant climate and a long list of animals which are unique in our country. Also, if you visit us on vacation, your trip will be completed with a pre- or – post hunt enjoyment

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red partridge shooting

Tips for driven hunt in Spain

In older posts, we have talked about the huge tradition in partridge shooting, so typical in Spain. Also, we gave you some shooting tips to practice this sport. But we think it is so important to be aware of the importance of being careful, so we have made a list of some tips for driven hunt:  

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