Driven hunt: Do you know what it is?

Driven hunt is a very popular small game style in Spain, where the partridge breed for excellence is the red partridge. At El Crespo, we are experts in driven hunting and for this reason we would like to explain to you what this type of hunting consists of.

Driven Hunt Roles

First of all, we would like to emphasize that in this style of small game hunting we can find different roles:

  • Hunter: Usually the client and the main participant of the activity. This is the person in charge of shooting the birds.
  • Charger: He accompanies the hunter at the shooting post and his mission is to recharge the weapons as the hunter expends the ammunition.
  • Secretary: Like the charger, he accompanies the hunter at the shooting stand and writes down his abates. This information will be used by the reserve to keep track of the species.
  • Driver: One of the most important pieces in the driven hunt. These people are stationed on the other side of the field, equipped with sticks, handkerchiefs and other items to make noise and frighten the birds, so that they can fly off in the direction of the hunters. The driver’s job is not simply to make the birds fly away, but to make sure that the birds fly away naturally, gradually and progressively. In this way they will reach the line of fire continuously and progressively, allowing greater opportunities for shooting.

Driven Hunt

Once we are clear about the different roles involved in the driven hunt, it is time to explain how it works.

This one is developed in an extension of land inside a hunting reserve, in which at one side of the land the hunters are placed, hidden behind a parapet, in an approximate number to the dozen and forming a semicircle. The hunters are accompanied all the time by the charger and the secretary, who actively participate in the hunt.

On the other side of the land, the drivers, also positioned in a semicircle, will start to make noise to scare the birds away and make them fly towards the hunters. The drivers will walk progressively in the direction of the hunters and the driven hunt will end as soon as the line of drivers and hunters meet.

If you are a fan of driven hunt or would like to try it, at El Crespo we offer you the best experience. For more information visit our website.

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